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How to fix cat hair loss

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

When the cat is normal every day, the hair is relatively easy to clean, because there is not a lot of it, but if the cat is in the moulting period, there is too much hair in the house, and I don't know how to clean it. I also experienced this kind of "desperation". This kind of trouble, not only needs to do a good job in the cleanliness of the home, but also needs to pay more attention to the cat that sheds hair. Below, I will share with you how to clean the house when the cat is shedding hair, and the measures that pet owners should do to the cat.

1. High-tech or "raw" cleaning

For how to clean the house with cat hair loss, pet owners can choose some high-tech "means", such as some online vacuum cleaners or sweeping robots, which are relatively easy to clean the hair in the house, but if the pet owner If the economic situation is relatively limited, it is the "most primitive" and the most economical way to help the cat to comb more hair at ordinary times. At the same time, it can also help the cat reduce the probability of hairball disease, killing two birds with one stone.

2. Bath and clean

In fact, taking a bath can also achieve the effect of cleaning the hair. If the pet owner thinks that the hair at home is too difficult to clean, and wants to be lazy for a few days, you can consider giving the cat a bath. After the bath, the cat will lose hair. It has been reduced a lot, but you should use a pet-specific body wash for cats, and the number of baths should not be too frequent, and you can only bathe three times a month at most.

3. Supplementary nutrition

During the period of cat hair loss, pet owners should not only consider how to clean the hair at home, but also think more about cats. They lose so much hair, which is also very pitiful. Grow good hair, otherwise, how can a bald cat see people? You can feed the cat some nutritional products that can help beautiful and bright hair, such as Meowlily, Subieli and other special nutritional supplements for pets during hair loss. .