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Why are cats colder than dogs?

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

Two days ago, a friend gave me a cat.

This is the first time I have a cat, and winter is coming soon. They all say that cats like warm animals. Although they have a thin layer of fur, in winter, I am still a little worried that the sudden change in temperature may cause it. discomfort.

But I heard that whether it is a chubby breed cat like Garfield, or a lean pastoral cat like a raccoon cat, let's just say that as long as it is a cat, there is nothing that is not afraid of the cold.

It's strange, why do cats and dogs differ so much on this issue?

Meow: I feel like I have a layer of fake hair growing on my body. In winter, sometimes it's still cold...

Wang: Haha, I am still resistant to freezing, let the winter come more violently!

The size of the dog and the thickness of the coat determine the degree of the dog's cold resistance.

And this factor has a lot to do with the region.

In the cold north, dogs are generally large and thick-coated, such as Alaskans, Huskies, and Tibetan Mastiffs, which are guaranteed to survive. Most of the dogs in the south are small and short, because the south is warm and humid, so it is easy to dissipate heat and not get rheumatism.

But what about cats?

There is little difference in appearance between north and south cats. Except for some special breeds of cats living in cold regions, almost all cats have no big difference in coat length.

The cat's coat is mainly composed of one coat and several auxiliary hairs in a hair follicle. In layman's terms, this means that the cat's hair layer is too small and its warmth retention is too poor, so the cold resistance of the cat in winter is not high. , it will cause the situation of "10 cats and 9 cold".

For domestic cats, keeping cats safe through the winter is a major event worth noting.

Shit shoveling officers, hurry up and find a way to warm up the cat!