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How often should cat litter be completely changed?

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

Pet owners should know that the cleaning of the cat litter box is very important to the cat's health, and it can even avoid many behavioral problems. So, how often should you change cat litter and how many pet owners know that?

1. How often do you clean the cat litter box?

When you have a bowel movement, clean it up immediately. If you can't, try to do it twice a day (morning and evening cleaning)

Likewise, urine also needs to be cleaned up in time. Cleaning is easier for clumpy litter, but more troublesome for non-caking litter (eg, crystal litter), and cleaning up urine means changing the whole pot of litter.

It is very important to maintain good litter box hygiene, otherwise, the cat will likely refuse to use it and excrete it elsewhere in the home.

2. How often do you change the cat litter?

This time depends on the number of cats you have, the number of litter boxes and the type of litter.

a. Non-caking cat litter

Non-caking litter is replaced more frequently (relative to clumping). If there is only one cat, change it at least once a week. If used by more than one cat, it will need to be replaced several times a week. Pet owners should note that cats generally do not like to share litter boxes, so the number of litter boxes should be proportional to the number of cats.

Although this cat litter has a strong ability to absorb urine, once saturated, urine will accumulate on the pelvic floor. At this time, the entire cat litter box needs to be cleaned, and the odor in the house can be imagined.

b, agglomerated cat litter

When tofu cat litter absorbs urine, it quickly clumps up and can be easily cleaned up. If you clean every day and only have one cat, you only need to completely change the litter every two weeks. If used by multiple cats, replace at least once a week. If you find that most of the cat litter is a little wet, you need to replace all the cat litter.

3. Cleaning the cat litter box

Every time you change your cat litter, you should make sure the litter box is thoroughly cleaned. as follows:

a. Discard all existing cat litter.

b. Rinse thoroughly with detergent and disinfectant -- avoid products containing citrus or ammonia.

c. Dry the cat litter box -- very important. Can be wiped dry with paper towel and then ventilated to dry.

d. Add new cat litter -- the depth of non-caking cat litter is about 5-8 cm, and the depth of caking cat litter is about 8-10 cm.

4. How to deal with dirty cat litter

Cat litter can be thrown directly into the trash can.

No matter what type of cat litter is, flushing down the toilet is not recommended, even tofu litter. After all, household pipes are not designed for cat litter flushing. Too much tofu sand will clog the toilet, but tofu cat litter is still a good choice when you can't go out in special times!

5. How to stop the cat litter box from smelling?

It's simple: keep it clean.

If it smells, it means you're not cleaning it often enough and need to be replaced.