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How often should cats trim their nails?

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

Let's first understand the functions of cat's nails for cats: First, they can play a role in protecting themselves. They can defend against their natural enemies. Another is to help them hunt, firmly grasp the prey that passes by them or the prey they want to catch.

The nails of the cat's front paws will grow faster. If there is no nail grinding, it needs to be trimmed every two weeks, and the hind paws need to be trimmed every 4 weeks. However, some cats' nails will grow faster. The pet owner can decide the time interval for cutting nails according to the growth of the cat's nails. Cat nail clippers must use pet-specific nail clippers. Be careful not to cut blood lines. Then why do you need to cut your nails? All pet owners should know that if the cat's nails are too long, when the pet owner interacts with it, it is easy to hurt the pet owner, such as when we bathe the cat or spend time with the cat. When doing some interactions, it is easy to accidentally hurt.

Then use the nail clippers to pay attention to those:

①. Prepare a nail clipper for cats, suitable for cats, and pet owners should also use convenient pet nail clippers.

②. Almost every cat does not like to cut their nails, not because they are afraid of pain, but nervous, so find a more comfortable place before cutting their nails and put the cat on their legs. At this time, don't rush to trim the cat's nails. The pet owner should first gently stroke the cat, communicate with the cat, soothe the cat's emotions, first stroke the cat's paw, then press the palm to push out the paw to reduce the nails, and cut off a nail each time You can pet the cat to keep the cat in a relaxed and quiet state

③ When trimming, be careful to trim the blood vessels on the cat's toes, which will make the cat painful and refuse to continue to cut the nails. After successfully trimming the nails, the pet owner can reward the cat with appropriate food. This will improve the cat's interest in cutting nails, so that the next time you can easily cut the cat's nails.

④. The cat's nails do not need to be trimmed every day. Generally, the cat's nails can be trimmed once every 2-3 weeks.