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Advantages and disadvantages of British short blue cats

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

British short blue cats are grey, with thick fur and round eyes. The British short blue cat is famous for its five short stature, with short ears, short legs, short body, short tail, short limbs, and short ears. Gentle personality, soft and sweet voice. Relatively sticky, very suitable for apartment breeding.

Advantages of the British Short Blue cat:

Strong environmental adaptability, British short blue cats are not the kind of very sensitive cats, they are very adaptable to the environment. It can quickly integrate into family life, even in unfamiliar environments.

Good personality. Many people know that blue cats have surprisingly good personalities. They are very gentle, especially very kind to their owners. They like to be close to their owners, and even jump on their laps to sleep on their own initiative. Their temper is also very good, unlike other cats, they may often ignore their owners, and even lose their temper with their owners. The blue cat is almost never angry with its owner. Of course, if you want to anger it on purpose, it will not just retreat, it will definitely give you color.

Not picky eaters, what the owner of the British short blue cat gives it, it will generally accept what it eats, and there will be no bad problems with picky eaters. Strong and seldom sick.

Disadvantages of British Short Blue cats:

It is easy to gain weight, British short blue cats are very greedy, and they are always fed, and they are easy to gain weight. Obesity in cats is very harmful to health.

Hair loss, most cats will shed hair, and the British short blue cat is no exception. If you don't pay attention to hair treatment, there will be cat hair on the sofa and bed sheets at home.