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Why does the cat owner never wake up in winter?

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

There is an old saying: "The spring is sleepy, the autumn is tired, the summer is napping, and the winter is March when you can't wake up." This is actually nothing to say. There are always 360 days of sleep throughout the year. At this time, I feel sleepy and doze from time to time. Not only we, but also cat owners, especially in winter, but is it really okay for cat owners to not wake up this winter?

1. Why can't the cat sleep?

It is mainly natural for cats to "wake up". As a typical predator, it is natural for cats to hunt. In the wild, predation and other feedings determine a cat's sleeping habits. This is also in line with the habit of felines to move at night. The cat is in a light sleep state during the day, in fact, it is replenishing its physical strength at any time, although it seems to be sleeping. In fact, their bodies and brain nerves are always in a state of tension, in order to be in a hunting state at all times. This is the nature of hunters, and it is also the reason why they respond immediately when they move. Although cats now do not need to hunt by themselves, this nature has been preserved through evolution, and this sleeping habit cannot be changed;

2. When you are bored, you will sleep

It's precisely because cats don't have to hunt and have nothing to do now, plus cats don't go out very often, and they stay in a confined space every day, what else can they do other than sleep? Cats have limited daily activities, but their physical strength as a former hunter is still good, so it is recommended that the shoveling officers take more time to play with the cats to consume their physical strength, otherwise the cats will be too physically strong and be careful to damage you.

3. Long-term drowsiness may also be uncomfortable

If the cat is drowsy for the first two reasons, it is fine. If it is due to discomfort, everyone should pay attention. Under normal circumstances, cats are in good spirits and full of energy after waking up, and even if they sleep, they will not delay their normal meals. But if it is unhealthy, there will be a bad spirit, accompanied by the phenomenon of not eating. If your cat owner is sleepy for a long time and doesn't know if it is uncomfortable, you can take out the cat's toy to test it. There are quite a few situations that can lead to sleepiness in cats, such as anemia, dehydration, arthritis, drowsiness, and kidney problems. In addition, depression, underweight or overclawed claws can also lead to abnormal drowsiness in cats.

4. If you can sleep like this, you will "can't sleep"?

Cats do sleep well, but not in all situations. Cats' sleep status is also affected by some other factors, just like we can't sleep for some reason, cats are not really that big. Age: We all know that newborn babies sleep more than adults, and so do cats. Young cats in the growth and development period will sleep more than adult cats, and older cats will sleep longer due to the decline of physical function.

Environment: The reason why cats can sleep so well is that they have a relatively comfortable environment. A comfortable environment will make cats feel safe, and they can sleep with peace of mind. If there are individual cats at home, or affected by the schedule of shoveling shit, the cat will also adjust the schedule by itself.

Weather: We often say that Yin makes people drowsy, sleepiness in spring, lack of sleep in autumn and summer naps, all of which prove that the weather can affect sleep quality, and of course cats do the same. Cats will sleep more than usual in rainy and snowy weather, and because cats are afraid of cold, in the season when the temperature is relatively low, cats will also store their own heat by sleeping, and reduce heat dissipation by staying in a curled state.

What a wonderful thing it would be for a cat owner to fall asleep beside you every day, but sometimes the cat is in a poor mental state and does not like to eat in the case of drowsiness, so you should pay attention, these are the cats signs of a situation. Listen, don't think that it is normal for all cat owners to snooze, and you must observe some details of the cat to prevent the situation from being discovered early and delaying the cat. Of course, when the cat is healthy, the pet owner can play with the cat with a cat stick, comb the cat's hair, and pet the cat more.