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What is the meaning of cat language

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2022-06-28

Cat owners should have heard the meows of cats at different times. Let's interpret them together:

1. The cat makes a short "meow" sound

When the cat sees the shit shoveling officer, it will often make a short meow, almost like we shout: "Hello!" "Hi~", it is to say hello to you, saying that it is very happy to see you;

2. The sound of "sigh..."

Occasionally, the cat makes a sudden screeching sound, which is a threatening and fierce sound. It is a warning to hostile people and things, usually to warn them not to approach, or to encounter the sound of the same kind grabbing territory or food; in short, it is At this time, keep your distance and don't provoke it;

3. High and harsh "Meow!"

When the cat suddenly makes a high-pitched meow, it may suddenly step on its tail. It will make a sound like a scream because of sudden, severe pain and fear. At this time, pet owners should pay attention. Now, see if anyone stepped on the cat, and if the cat suddenly fell on itself;

4. Frequent and elongated "meow" calls

When the cat keeps making long but tired meows, it is likely to be injured or sick. At this time, its mood is generally very low and needs your comfort and care; you have to check its food intake Is there any reduction, and is the mental state good?

5. Gentle and low "meow" sound

When the cat makes a low, soft meow, it means that it has received a message from someone else to respond to you, which is probably: I know, I understand~

6. Very fast "click" sound

When your cat suddenly looks at something, the extremely rapid "click" of concentration is like a telegram, this is the cat imagining that it is catching prey, and at the same time greeting you: Hey, keep up; come and help La;

7. Comfortable "snoring" sound

The shit shoveling officer should be very happy and sound after hearing this! Although it sounds like a mouthful of phlegm, it actually expresses satisfaction and satisfaction. When you hear such a sound when you are touching or hugging it, don’t hesitate, please feel free to lick it; interact with it well, and also You can brush it, brush your hair, and cut your fingers.

A or something, at this time, it is generally more compatible with the city of Harbin;

8. The cry of a baby

This sound is familiar to people who don't own cats. When spring comes, there will often be such a terrible sound in the middle of the night. Yes, that's right, the cat is an adult and it's called spring. Through the sound, you can not only call the opposite sex, but also Warning gays: this is my chassis, roll. At this time, don't provoke it easily, just add more nutritious things to it.

Of course, cats are just like people, each has its own personality, some don’t like talking, and some meow non-stop all day long, but no matter if it’s an introvert or a talker, it’s always trying to find a way to be better with you chat, try to create a communication method that is unique to you, observe and analyze a lot, and read their thoughts.