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Dongguan Enpai Pet Product Co., Ltd. specializes in production and processing of such products as paper cat scratch board, paper cat scratch pillar, cat teasing rod, electric cat teasing toy, wood cat articles and so on, and owns complete and scientific quality management system. Good faith, strength and product quality of the Company have been recognized by the industry. The characteristic functions include:
1. Cat scratch board mad of high-strength and environment-friendly corrugated paper, has the natural aeration and functions for storing the fine-particle cat grass and bud, also very strong performance for adsorbing the cat grass essential oil, spraying and fairly slow volatilization. After smelling the odor, the cat will be fond of scratching with its claws on the high-strength corrugated paper and hope to find the fascinating thing. The sharp claw nail of the cat will be ground to be flat on the high-strength corrugated paper surface, grow slowly and it can avoid that the bending nail puncture naturally grows and punctures the skin of the cat. The cat nail is bending and barbing, and is not easily cut with the nail clippers.Cat scratch board mad of high-strength corrugated paper can just grind the cat nail while cat playing pleasantly, the cat grows healthily.
2. Cat toys made of purely environment-friendly material is the very popular trend presently. High-strength corrugated paper is solid, in good appearance and environment-friendly, and can be recycled. The material can be folded and pressurized to be flat, can be installed and assembled, and can have such many fine performance as for printing beautiful picture and so on.The cat bedroom, maze, leisure chair, hammock and other cat boys made of such material can attract the cat.Together with different cat teasing toys, The cat will be fond of the paper toys, and can also improve the living skills.
3. Besides fond of playing and moving, catamount also is fond of sleeping. Besides of eating and playing, the cat sleeps for a lot of time.The paper cat nest together with soft cushion is the bed liked by the cat. After eating and playing, the cat can sleep comfortably, and play energetically after waking. Paper toy made of high-strength corrugated paper has independent package and is provided with the installation and use instructions. You can assembly the toy by yourself.
Dongguan Enpai Pet Product Co., Ltd. welcomes friends of different trades to come to the Company for visiting, guidance and business negotiation.
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