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Paper Cat scratcher can wake the cat's instinct to capture

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2021-05-30

Cat scratcher board can be polished nails, nail the cat will not be hurt. With catlike board to protect the furniture from being damaged cats. Cats like cardboard flavor, high-tech computer after setting the crop, made lovely shape, curvature conform cat body engineering. Appearance is not that interesting, with emphasis on functionality. Cats can ride, jump, drilling, grasping, very enjoyable to play. The main function of grinding claws, is the focus, because touch is very thick, the cat can enjoy grip mill, but also to relieve stress. Definitely the best gift you give your cat the election! 1. Production and cat scratch cat scratch board is a trend claws grinding tools provided by the owner for the breeding of domestic cats indoors to avoid inconvenience due to the long life as well as the indoor cats nails caused by not timely. Because except for house cats claw surgery is CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc) are opposed to it, and therefore the majority of owners will purchase this tool. Meanwhile, the paper can effectively avoid the cat scratch cat scratch board bad furniture, so that they develop good health habits, to enhance the daily physical exercise. Cat scratch board has a variety of different shapes, plate-like, cylindrical and so on. Many of them with a rope wrapped around and made of corrugated steel.
Paper Cat Scratcher features
(1) environmental protection high-strength corrugated paper, paper made cat scratch board. Natural ventilation and storage fines cat grass and flower buds functions, but also has a strong adsorption cat grass oil, spray and volatile slower performance. Cat smell the odor, will not he happy with its claws grasping force, torsion, hoping to find the temptation it's something from the inside on the high-strength corrugated paper. Cat claws sharp little nails will be polished in the corrugated surface, slowing growth. Which can reduce the cat after a long curved nails stuck to the cat meat. Because the cat's nails are bent back hook, easy to use nail clippers to cut. High-strength corrugated scratcher board can just let the cat play in a relaxed and Morocco play down their nails and healthy growth.
(2) made of a material with pure green cat toys, cat scratch paper plate, is a very popular trend, high-strength corrugated paper has a sturdy, aesthetics, environmental protection, renewable. Foldable flattened, you can install a combination of many good printability properties exquisite drawings and the like. With it out of the cat's bedroom, maze, laid-back chairs, hammocks and other cat toys are very attracted to it. Coupled with the various types of funny cat toys, cat in paper toy will linger in the play does not come out, you can grow all kinds of skills to survive.
(3) In addition to playing cats play, good move, there are characteristic love sleeping cat one day in addition to eat, play to play, there are a lot of a lot of time sleeping. Paper cat litter coupled with soft cushions, undoubtedly beloved cat bed, and eat after the play can comfortably sleep peacefully. And then wake up the spirit of chronological play play.
(4) high-strength corrugated paper toys, has a separate package, coupled with the installation manual, owners can do it yourself, assembled toys, a sense of achievement and fun from DIY, and love to see their baby hand combination cats love the versatile supplies.
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