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Cat scratch cat scratch board mill tutor you make it

The information comes from:Internet Posted on:2021-05-30

Scratching pet cat is indispensable objects, we know that cats have a habit of grinding claws, claws grinding when needed, regardless of cat will be chosen on the floor, wardrobe, wall catch around, which would make perfect the family is planning cat paw prints on a Road. To this end, to prepare a professional cat cat scratch board is very necessary.
At present, the cat scratch board manufacturers sales professional cat scratch board, and whether it is made from the material and shape of view, we are diversified. Of course, parents can choose not to buy cat scratch board, but at home their own DIY. In fact, the cat scratch board production is very simple and convenient. Ready for a piece of wood and some of the rope can be. The following cat scratch board manufacturers will teach you how to make cat scratch board.
In general, parents prepare a 40 cm long, 2 cm thick wood, prepare a 12 cm square and 60 cm tall fir column can be. Then a long wooden planks nailed with spikes perpendicular to the center. Such a simple, cat scratch board can be used to make and become. Then the next task is, parents should be trained in how cats catch cat scratch board around.
Cat caught in the initial training about the cat scratch board, the need for several wires wrapped around the top of the poles, which can stimulate the cat caught the interest around, it like the cat scratch board. In daily life, parents need to be aware that once the intention cat caught around furniture and walls, the parents should be timely guidance about the cat to catch cat scratch board to prevent it from destroying furniture, can also be formed to guide it mandatory good grip around the habit.
Cat-scratch board manufacturers taught method of making cat scratch board is very simple, but for cat scratch board cat is indeed very important. This not only eliminates the need for the owner of a lot of trouble and worry, let the cat in the actual training slowly develop good habits, you can make a pet cat and more harmonious family life.
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